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Italy is a driver of growth and innovation in the European ICT market where semiconductors play a key role. Please be welcomed to learn more about Italian semiconductor’s ecosystem at Italy Pavilion #7722.

Italy is a driver of growth and innovation in the European ICT market where semiconductors play a key role.

The Italian ecosystem can count on a well-established supply-chain of semiconductors manufacturing facilities, research centers, design and development companies as well as other key components.

Italy offers an environment of innovation, where national and foreign companies can leverage robust and dynamic synergies among search centers, universities, clusters, technological parks, and startup incubators, contributing to the further development of the industry.

Thanks to its extensive network of research institutions, a solid industrial base as well as a favourable business context, Italy hosts a considerable number of leading microelectronics firms.

The further development of the Italian community in research and advanced technologies is supported by the National Recovery Plan with € 18 bln. Among other benefits and incentives, the Plan provides robust tax credits for companies investing in tangible and intangible assets as well as in Research, Development, Innovation and Design.

The trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy supports the business development of Italian companies in Japan and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy. It provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion and training to Italian small and medium-sized businesses.

Learn more about the Italian semiconductor’s milieu at SEMICON Japan 2023 Italy booth that will host Italian organizations and companies such as CREA, FONDAZIONE BRUNO KESSLER, LPE, MARPOSS, OPTOI, OSAI, POLITECNICO DI TORINO, SPEA, VISHAY ITALIA

The Italy Pavilion booth will be located in East Hall 7 within the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre, covering an area of 54 square meters (#7722)

Registration is required to enter SEMICON JAPAN 2023, so please pre-register to visit the event via the official website. (free of charge)

Get to know the Italian companies participating in the event:





CREA designs and manufactures Automated Test Equipments in the Semiconductor space. Our focus is High Power Testing and we developed technology for High Power Testing solutions for electrical vehicle and industrial applications. Our technology allows our customers to test Power Modules as well as Bare Dice. We provide patented technology to minimize parasitic inductance allowing high testing specs. Our marketing organization together with our service and support organization supports Advantest group in delivering products and services to our customers.


FBK-SD is a research and innovation centre with unique characteristics in Italy and with only a few similarities internationally. Highly integrated sensors and devices, products of excellence in research and industrial innovation, based on MEMS, CMOS, photonics and surface functionalisation techniques and interfaces.

This comes from the wide base of diverse knowledge and competencies, supported by state-of-the-art research infrastructures, to attain outstanding results in both research and innovation. The ability to design and produce silicon-based devices and to functionalise them with advanced surface treatments, to develop photonics circuits and quantum technologies, to use MEMS techniques and hybridisation methods for combining the performance of the various technologies constitutes a research and development environment rarely found within a single Institute.

LPE (an ASM company)

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment supplier

LPE offers SiC Epi equipment for SiC wafer and device manufacturing


Marposs provides shop-floor solutions for measurement, inspection and testing in the production environment. Marposs’ solutions include gauging equipment of mechanical components, before, during and after the production process; monitoring solutions on machine tools; assembly and testing for many industry sectors; and automatic machines and inspection stations for production lines. MARPOSS is one of the main suppliers to the automotive industry providing solutions for both traditional and electric mobility but additionally operates in the aerospace, biomedical, hi-tech, white appliance, and glass containers industries.


Microelectronics is the Optoi Group company specialized in the development and production of optoelectronic components and smart optical sensors. With over 25 years of experience in microelectronic technologies, Optoi has a total control of the supply chain, ranging from the production of silicon wafer through the assembly of microelectronic component in cleanroom ISO 6, until the production, testing and selling of smart microelectronic and electronic sensors.

Optoi manufactures high-quality industrial sensors that can be customised according to customer requirements.
The industrial division is the first of the Group to have been set up and currently constitutes its core business. It designs and manufactures two main product ranges: components and sensors for industrial automation.
Our industrial sensors include photodiodes, phototransistors, highly sensitive detectors, LEDs, VCSELs and lasers, right up to more complex systems that form the reading head of an encoder or standard sensing elements for optical encoders. These devices can be cut and/or assembled individually or in monolithic arrays or multiplexed in arrays with a specific optical pitch.
The type of casing used can be made of plastic, metal or ceramic, depending on the performance, price and strength requirements.

OSAI Automation System S.p.A. Società Benefit

Automation Systems for Semiconductor

SAI Automation System S.p.A. Società Benefit (Ticker OSA),
is a company active in the design and production of machines and complete production lines for packaging and testing on semiconductors.
The product portfolio includes:
– Test handlers for MEMS sensors
– Test handlers for Power Modules
– Test handlers for Power Discretes
– Automation and solution for power modules and power discretes assembly
– Burn- in automation
– High productivity burn-in loader/unloader
– Automation for SiC crystal growth processes



The Japan Hub intends to coordinate, promote and strengthen the university’s activities in the fields of teaching, research and, especially, the third mission, also for the benefit of its local area and country. The Japan Hub, as an international flagship project for the university, has an independent location in Kyoto to connect with the growing network of Japanese partners. The Hub relies on ongoing, structured collaboration with Italian experts who have been residents of Japan for many years.


Established in 1976, SPEA is a world leader in the field of automatic test equipment.
Product portfolio includes:
– Complete test cells for MEMS devices, combining pick&place handling, testing, contacting, and physical stimulus (for acceleromenters, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, environmental and gas sensors, humidity sensors, silicon microphones and speakers, proximity and ToF sensors, magnetic sensors, light sensors, 6/9 DoF sensors) for single-function or COMBO MEMS
– Analog Mixed-Signal semiconductor testers, designed to drive down the cost of test of the devices of 50%, through a high-efficiency architecture
– Test Cells for Power Modules, MOS, IGBT
– Double-sided Wafer Prober and Tester for complete, high-throughput tests at wafer level for the most challenging applications
– Flying Probe Testers, for testing PCBs, probe cards, load boards
– In-Circuit Board Testers, offering highest throughput



Vishay Semiconductor Italy SpA in Borgaro Torinese (Turin) is devoted to the development, production, testing and Application characterization of Power Semiconductor fabricated on Silicon and SiC wafers and Multichip Power Module.
The significant R&D capability and the multi year cooperation with the main Italian and European Research Institution such as Politecnico and University of Turin and Napoli, FH Institute and Aalborg University allow Vishay to develop and test in Vishay factory and laboratories the most innovative technolgies available for both Chips and Module Products

E-mail. tokyo@ice.it